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We are SEO services provider, web designing, and Development company which is ranked under the top ten seo services companies of Pakistan. We have the number of professional seo expert in Karachi who are proficient in Google Guidelines and work accordingly on client demands.

We use the latest techniques for on page & off page optimization and Rankbrain practices. Rankbrain is the latest AI system which rank websites according to its relevancy of the content. It is the latest SEO update in 2018 by Google.

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Google Maps Optimization improves the conversion rate from the local market and gains public trust.

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Link Building is essential for increasing domain authority of the website and plays a role as the backbone of SEO.

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Proper selection of keywords for on-page and off-page activities to gain online visibility.  

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Decreases loading time via various tools. Less loading time has a better user interface experience.

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Email outreach for off-page SEO in best practice. Backlink through the editorial process is more worthy. 

Website Loading Time Optimization

Websites that are slow are discouraged as they take too much time to load up. The users of today don’t like websites that take too much time to load up. A slow website forces them to move from your website and use your competitor's website instead. This is now one of the factors that Google uses to gauge your ranking on SERPs.

Experts suggest that if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load up you are more likely to lose more than 40 percent of your users. Users expect your website to load up in around 2 secs or less. If you talk about mobile users, these guys expect your website speed to be around 5 seconds or even less than that.

This makes Website Loading Time Optimization a very crucial aspect to improve your website’s ranking. It is very necessary to keep the maintenance of your website in mind. Make sure that on an average your website page load speed should be on an increase on an average of 22 percent each year.

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What Is Google’s RankBrain?

Rank Brain is an AI-based program that is used to help users with Google search query processing. AI is used to embed a large amount of written language in mathematical entities. These mathematical entities are termed as vectors. This is for the computer so that it becomes a little understandable for the machine.

If there is a word or a phrase that is seen by RankBrain and it doesn’t find it familiar, the machine can make a wild guess and filters the result. Rank Brain is very effective. Rank Brain is very effective. It is capable to learn and recognize changes and variations in patterns. Also, it revises search engine results page that is based on the found knowledge.

Rank Brain is now learning and it is changing itself. This is going to result in an SEO campaign that is adaptable to changes that go on in the SEO landscape.


What is on page SEO and how it works?

On page SEO refers to all the tips and trick you do ON your website for gathering traffic. If you couldn't optimize your website better there would be chances you will lose the ranking in SERPs. On page SEO includes the presence of keywords throughout the text and image. Interlinking is also the backbone of on-page SEO. The higher authority your blog or website is on the search engines, the better it will get traffic.

On Page SEO have these factors in common:-

  1. Seo involves around quality content which is highly appreciated by search engines. Users will read what they wanted to and what click their minds only. An appealing content will stick the users to your website. 
  2. A single post on a website should be at least 700 to 1000 words. Long lengths of posts give more reasons to rank it better.
  3. A user-friendly website is a must these days. It is another on page factor for recognition of a site. A site should be easily crawl able and the pages should load fast.
  4. Use a precise URL for better optimizing in search engines. The SEO keyword can be placed in a slug. A website should be properly categorized and each category can be divided into a sub-category. It will give a more formatted look to a site.
  5. Then come the Title tags and headings the keyword you searched should be placed at the beginning of your title. Start your title with adjectives like 5 best tips..... 10 steps..... Etc. Give your page a unique title each time you create a post. A short and descriptive title explains the inner story of the topic.
  6. Meta description is a short summary of your article which is shown on Google searches. An appealing Meta will automatically lead the user to crawl inside your site.
  7. H1 contains the focused keyword and the other keywords can be placed in H2 and H3 titles. 
  8. Make sure the keywords are scattered throughout the content. Make it in the first 100 words of your writing, in between the text and in conclusion. But do not overuse the focused and secondary keywords, as too much stuffing makes search engines perplexed.
  9. Make outbound links with other sites it is also an important factor of on-page SEO. Make sure to link with high domain sites.
  10. Make internal linking to create a network throughout your website. It will make the user navigate through your site for searching more content which interests him.
  11. Install plugins on your Word Press that will increase overall load of the page. The image size should be minimized to easily open and scroll a page.
  12. An image must be renamed on your computer with the keyword. The target keyword is present in the image Alt text. The quality of the image should be both computer and mobile friendly; it can be easily seen from both.

On page SEO has more importance to new websites. It will give a boost to the website ranking making it reachable to the desired audience. First, make sure to work on on-page SEO than to off-site SEO.

How off page SEO works?

Whenever off page SEO hits the sight, back linking comes to one's mind. Actually, Off-site SEO has much more to offer than just linking. It is kind of promoting your websites in the search engine by linking to high domain sites. It depends on how much time you spent on your website for both On page and Off page SEO. Even if you are hiring SEO services of a reputable company you still need to understand what and how On page and Off page SEO works.

Off page SEO doesn't limit to boundaries of your site it works outside your site through

  • Link Building
  • Social media marketing
  • Bookmarking 
  • Guest posting

Off page SEO works in different ways

  • First, the most important factor is link building a quality content of the site can lead to better backlinks. A good range of backlinks helps SERPs to understand the quality of the website. These backlinks can be done manually, organically and self-created (through forums, blog comment, directories).
  • Make links from those sites which are reputable, and mentions your site in comments, shares the content. Remember SERPs artificial intelligence can’t be tricked with artificial linking to other sites. You may lose the game of top-ranking ultimately. 
  • Content should be authoritative and according to users search Otherwise, it will lose traffic.
  • Social media sharing is indirectly helping you in ranking. For this one must build a content plan, post strategies to reach the audience of your niche.
  • Social influencer is another important factor helps in gaining popularity among social media audience. Any social media activists with a sound track of followers and loyal audience will help to gain attention to your site. It's like a trustable person who introduces you to a new brand and you will more likely follow their advice than giving it a search. You just need to search for right influencer, reach them and convince them to share your piece of work on their platforms.
  • One of the most effective ways to make your name among competitors is through guest posting. You must be careful while looking for blogs to do guest posting and make quality blogs for those sites as it is not just a matter of getting traffic but gluing the traffic to your site for long.
  • Videos are getting more preferences these days; you can always get an audience by links in your channels and in video descriptions. Make sure to make a high-quality video with relevant and detailed content which in turn gain a good bunch of audience.
  • You always need to identify any broken links to other sites. Reach to the site owner and offer them your article on that broken link or ask them for a backlink. If your evaluation of broken link works here and they admire to add you on their pages than it will be plus for your site.
  • Now you have created a lot of backlinks make sure to check and balance. You can use different tools to monitor how many backlinks pointing to your site it will help you in identifying which one you want and which one to correct.
What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about making visibility of a website in the first 10 searches of search console. Thus this leads to more traffic and then eventually in the increase of CTR. Seo is not just about adding the proper keyword with the right density. But lots of do follow links and a properly formatted site will stay at the top for a long time. A very well versed quote says:-

One must hire reliable SEO service providers for obtaining their websites. The competition around the world is growing very fast. The vision of people is expanding so is their searches and thus the algorithms of search engines changes.

You might be thinking of how those algorithms work. A simple example is... You type 'Best SEO companies' and Google’s results show a range of companies providing services. The Google searches will show the most closely relatable results to the queries typed in the search bar. It will come up with thousands of searches but Google will show most authoritative and useful content in 10 best searches on the front page.

The reason to build up a highly authoritative website is to beat the competition. Search Engines optimization make your website rank high or to lower the CTR if the quality of the overall website is poor.

Search engines are smart enough with their artificial intelligence. Still, they need improvements day by day to crawl more into your sites which limits their functionality. But the right SEO of your website will help you to reach 1000 visitors. With the competition increasing day by day, only SEO build site will make their way to top.

You must have a sound knowledge of SEO and a little practice will help you a lot. You can learn SEO tricks online to make your website better. If your website is quite complex than an expert is needed. 

Search Engine Optimization is important because

  • Majority of SERPs users will reach to top 5 options of their searches. Imagine there are hundreds of site to a single query and your website has the answer to it. For this, your site must be properly SEO build to meet its audience in top ranking.
  • Proper use of SEO will build your audience for the long term.
  • If your site appears in first searches the user experience will build with your site and they will find it reliable.
  • A good SEO leads to expand in promotion as well. Visitors will share the best site to social media platforms which will give natural back linking to your site.
  • When there is competition between to sites selling the same products or offering the same services. SERPs will only make visible the proper SEO build site which is a great benefit for your site too.
 What is meant by AMP and how it works in SEO?

Amp stands for Accelerated Mobile pages and is designed by Google to access pages through mobile easily and fast. It is a process for publishers to create mobile-optimized content which shows speedily to its users. The purpose of AMP when introducing in 2015 was to improve the overall performance of the internet when using through mobile. Hence they are designed to quickly load on mobile devices. These pages help in:


  1. Boost SEO capability of a blog
  2. Mobile friendly blog helps the user to read it quick and easy
  3. Helps in the loading of web pages fast who use mobiles more


Thus it makes your site compressed with images and content making it user-friendly. The website works more efficiently and effectively for visitors.

AMP has grown its importance in few years, as if a simple page takes 3 seconds to load an AMP enabled page will take a single second to load. It automatically helps in increase of visitors to a site. Amp is not a ranking factor; it affects clicks, user experience, impressions which help in organic SEO. The other factors which help in improvement of AMP factors are


  1. An actionable headline
  2. Compelling image or video,
  3. Create an appealing introduction


How Amp works in SEO


  1. Amp improves the quality of your server if an icon of AMP is present on your webpage user will click it to load it faster.
  2. A large number of website visitors come through mobile. They are interested in the content to be displayed in a carousel which will likely make the user to click through your website.
  3. Amp content and ads have seen high click-through rates. People are becoming more and more attracted to ads on AMP as they take less time to run.

Google is emphasizing more and more on its mobile users. There are chances of AMP pages to rank high on Google’s in future. Through AMP Google not only gives publishers CTR and views of a site rather it provides mobile-friendly content to its users.

What is keyword and how it is important for SEO?

First of all, we must know what actually keywords are? Keywords are words what index your site on SERPs. They are the ideas which make their presence on the search engines timely and rank your blogs later. User search words in their search queries and they become keywords. SERPs will show the volume and searches of those keywords. Keywords can range from small to a long key phrase. Keywords are the main factor of SEO the right amount and the exact match of key phrases to your content will help you rank on first pages. It’s the foremost idea to search for keywords related to the topic you are about to write. 

Keywords play an important role to develop page authority and visibility in SERPs. It is very important to search thoroughly for more complex keyword. The SERPs only give results to its visitors of those articles where keywords were used in right density. There are also types of keywords which must be followed through your site like

  • Short tail keyword(combination of 2 keywords)
  • Long tail keyword ( combination of 3 or more keywords)

Any word becomes a focus keyword when the user searches those terms frequently. Also, the number of keywords use in a blog will help it become more visible to huge traffic. More importantly one should not stuff a long list of keywords onto a blog or same key phrase into all the webpages of a blog. The use of focus keyword and secondary keyword must go hand in hand. The combination and density of keyword in a webpage will enhance its capability and help it in top searches slowly. The importance of keywords can be described with a simple example

Suppose you are writing a blog post on related to 'Insomnia and its causes'. You can search for keywords related to the disease; add some adjective before your keywords to make it a long tail keyword. Like if you add how insomnia affects adults? or 7 causes of insomnia in adults. When a user types in search console about the effects and causes of insomnia. Your article appears in top searches with the addition of adjective it will appeal to the visitor to check that article first. Therefore always follow a combination of short and long tail keywords in a single blog.

On the other hand, how will you choose a keyword? The preference for keywords would be different according to your website pages. Keep in mind these things while choosing the keywords

  • Primary and secondary keywords
  • Local and worldwide use of keyword
  • Type of audience
  • Evergreen keywords to unique ones 

The above-mentioned paragraph gives a good view of the importance of keywords for SEO. Selection of right keywords for your site will help you rank first in search engines. The keywords thus improve the domain authority and audience through SEO. Make sure to optimize all the website pages for a better SEO of your website. Avoid too much stuffing of key phrases as SERPs will penalize for it by ranking your site to Google’s 2nd or 3rd page.

What is Google webmaster and Analytics?

Google webmaster


Google webmaster is a tool to analyze the statistics of your website. you can see indexing, crawling and data building of your site too. 

The main things a Google webmaster does to your site are

  • The Google webmaster helps in looking for 404 errors of your page if a particular page or the whole site is unable to crawl
  • Average time your site is being searched and viewed for queries
  • The links to your site
  • Any malware disturbing your site
  • detect pages which gets more traffic
  • Access page speed and performance
  • Any HTML error on the site 


Google Analytics


Google analytics helps in analyzing the traffic of your website. It provides full information about visits, average time user spend on your site and bounce rate of its visitors. It shows your exact web site audience and demographics.

The main elements that Google analytic tool provide are

  • Total number of visitors and the time they spent to your site
  • Amount of viewers, their location, pages they view, sites which referred your page
  • daily traffic reports as well as previous years report
  • Details of keywords which brings traffic and make users stay at your site more

web page users visit most and the pages which they leave most

Mobile VS Desktop website which one is better?

People prefer to use new and easy to use technologies. They need to connect to servers from everywhere and whatever devices they have. People are becoming more mobile friendly. They prefer to browse online through their mobiles rather than desktop. It is need of the time to make both desktop and mobile friendly websites.

It's difficult to analyze which one is better. But responsive website which can be both navigate through desktop and smartphones will be far better.

  • The code of websites is minimized to be mobile friendly. But it makes the user to zoom in to navigate through the pages
  • People use mobiles for rough searching but when they need to write or searching business they need a big view as well so they switch to desktop.
  • You don't need to work for both user-friendly and desktop sites. Responsive sites will do all in one.

When a website is built with both users experience it will attract more audience to a site.

What is meant by mobile website and how it works?

A mobile website is a site which can be easily accessed through mobile devices. When typing a website address in the navigation bar and no download of the site is needed. Due to an increase in mobile and tablets companies built separate sites for these devices. It is a compressed version of a full fletched desktop site.

A mobile website will work in different ways

  • It will limit the size of graphics while giving clear n clean look on smartphones
  • The navigation through the site will become simple
  • The content will be displayed in short blocks with compressed images
  • The website speed will be more than desktop
How much time website takes to produce results in SEO?

It takes a lot of time to spend on a website to rank it on top for SEO. Many sites have expectations to instantly rank their sites in first results. It almost takes six and more months to rank your site to SERPs. SEO is not a one-time game you have to keep track of your site through analytics and webmaster. Think of a long term process for gaining better results.