On page SEO

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Let us explain how to optimize website for On page SEO?

Let’s start discuss about on page SEO in Dubai, it is actually the web content that the visitor of the website must read and see. Any website with good quality onpage is much better than the website with low quality. It is actually used to convince the visitor of the website to take interest in the services a business offer or it may be used to provide some useful information that can help the visitor and it is also necessary for the search engine optimization to show the website in SERP’s. The better will be the content the better will be the rankings.

What On page includes:

Well there are the following necessary things which are count in good on page SEO.

Keywords Research:

First thing is to find the keywords for the website, keywords are actually used for describe the product or service and it also shows the amount of traffic that is sent by the search engines.

Proper use of Keywords:

The proper use of keywords is necessary for the SEO optimized websites, if you used it a lot so it is keyword stuffing. It should be avoid and always use it as the content looks original for the readers. You can use them in meta title, meta description, text content and in images alt tags.

Meta Title:

It is the second main thing that is actually represents the service of the business. The search engine shows the website using the title of the website.

Meta Description:

It is the third main thing that a search engine needs to define the website; it is actually the definition of the services that the business service.


Robot file are also one of the ranking factor in search engine optimization. If your website has the pages that you don’t want to rank so you can use the links in robot file and in reaction the spider will not crawl the specific page.

Text Content:

Now let me clear you about the importance of the text content that how it is worthy for Seo Services in Dubai. Text content is an amount of words which is used in body of the website to define the service or the product of the particular business. Search engines only read the text content and they are unable to read the text on images so, if the text content is properly used in the body the chances of the better rankings are more.

Site Map:

Have you ever hear about the site map? No! Let me explain, it is the only thing through with the crawler can read the pages of the particular website.  It is an .xml format file which is submitted using filezilla FTP software.

Loading time:

Loading time also counts in ranking factors. Google provide the best websites in its results for maintaining their quality guidelines. The website with the maximum loading time is not capable to rank by the search engine. The website must be very low loading time with quality onpage so it can be crawled by the Google easily.

Social Channels:

Share your social channel buttons on the header or the footer of the website and update it daily. If you have strong social channels so you have the better chances to rank the top of SERP’s. Google gives first priority to Google plus and Youtube account so these two are necessary. The social media channels like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest can also be used for social sharing.


It is necessary for every website that it has a blog page and should be updated trice a week. If you have a website so you have to use blog to make a good reputation in front of the search engine, they increases its crawling frequency for a website which is updated daily or minimum three times a week.

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